A very successful Pre-Launch of JITO Australia was held on 27th September in Melbourne with announcement of 2 CPs and 26
patrons. The momentum achieved was phenomenal. Apart from the 20 patrons who had already signed up prior to the prelaunch,
6 New members signed up on the same night increasing to 26 members.
Few Highlights of the Pre-Launch Event.
1. Speakers: Ted Bailieu (Former Premier of Victoria, Australia); Dr Chenraj (Chairman, JGI Group) and Dr. Marcus
Power (Entrepreneur and Coach to world's leading entrepreneurs) were all excellent and engaging. They were supportive of JITO's footprint in Australia,

 2. JITO's awareness: Mahaveerji gave an excellent insight of JITO and its activities globally. Shri Bhupendra Sethia gave some
specics of JITO's vision in Australia. The joining members were acknowledged and honoured by pinning a badge with Australia's ag in
honour for them to join JITO Australia. Special efforts were taken by Shri Chennaraj Jain, Shri Kushalraj Gulechha, Shri Bhupendra Sethia, Shri Gautam Jain and Shri Mahaveer Mehta – Convenor for JITO Australia. The Grand Launch is set to be held in April 2018.


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