Categories of membership

  • Chief Patron INR 11,00,000
  • Patron INR 1,00,000

Privileges of FCP/CP Membership of JITO

  • Board of Directors

The Company has 42 Directors including 6 co-opted Directors. The Directors are elected by and from the following Category :-

  • 22 Directors from FCP/CP
  • 14 Directors from Patrons

Hence, FCP/CP Member has much better chance than Patron Member in becoming a Director of the Company. Hence, the privilege to FCP/CP.

  • There is an exclusive FCP/CP Meet organized every year, wherein their views, ideas and expertise are harnessed through networking. This leads to envisaging new projects and preparing guidelines and strategy for current projects.
  • FCP/CP gets preference for becoming Chairman of any JITO Zone.
  • FCP/CP gets preference for the post of Chairman of any JITO Chapter and can select Members of the Managing Committee of the Chapter.
  • FCP/CP gets preference for the post of Chairman of any JITO Projects/Activities/Events

Minimum no. of members for creating chapter

  • 3 Chief Patron Members
  • 22 Patron Members
  • Unit can be opened with minimum 5 members

Registration in stipulated time in the respective country

  • To be registered as not for profit organization
  • Constitution to be made within broad guidelines of JITO Apex India and in line with the local rules and regulations.

Fees remittance

  • At present to be kept with the chapter only and deposited in Bank/FD.
  • To remit a part / full to JITO Apex once FCRA registration is done.


  • Minimum 21 years completed for CP and Patron

Tenure of membership

  • 40 years from the date of acceptance of membership. (Acceptance of membership is done by JITO Apex on recommendation by the Chapter).

Transfer of Membership (International to India and vice versa)

  • Membership can be transferred to any other international chapter subject to transfer of the membership fee and members has to abide by the local rules and regulations

Office bearers / Board of Directors

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Chief Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Number of office bearers can be increased depending on the strength of the Chapter


  • Statutory Committees
  • Project/activity committee - Common Minimum Programme shall be shared post brain storming session
  • Administrative Committees

Monthly meetings to be conducted and minutes of the meeting to be shared with JITO Apex.

One Country – One Chapter / Multiple chapters

As per the requirement of the Country, mostly on geographic basis.

Objectives of the chapter

  • Aligned with JITO Apex Objectives
  • All objectives to be in sync with JITO Constitution( soft copy of JITO memorandum and article of association is attached for reference)

Subscription to JITO Apex Constitution

  • Local Chapter has to subscribe to the Apex Constitution for a valid affiliation
  • An affiliation letter shall be issued by JITO Apex

Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct of JITO Apex to be followed. In case of amendment required in line with local rules and regulations the same can be done with approval of JITO Apex.

SOPs and Protocols

  • SOP and Protocols to be prepared in consultation with JITO Apex

Managing Committee with Proper Elections

  • Term of the managing committee shall be 2 years. Candidates eligible for re-election for another term of 2 years. Post 2 terms necessary cooling period of 2 years.
  • Each new committee should be elected through a well set and defined election process

Data Sharing

  • Chapter to share the data of the members with JITO Apex
  • Data of all the events to be shared.

Statutory Compliances

  • Chapter must comply with all local rules and regulations
  • Chapter must form a compliance committee

Reports to JITO Apex

  • All required reports like membership, Accounts & Finance, compliance related reports should be sent to JITO Apex on regular intervals.

Self-sustained Model

  • Each chapter to evolve a self-sustained model for carrying out regular activities.


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