Gautam S. Ostwal

Chairman - JITO International Wing

At the outset, I would like to thank Apex Board and all my JITO family members for entrusting me with the responsibility of the Chairman of JITO International Wing (JIW)

In the last two years, JIW has grown extensively and currently we have 11International chapters around the world. I also had the privilege of being the Director-in-Charge of JIW in 2016-18.

In the next 2 years our focus will be majorly on strengthening of the existing International chapters. We are planning the possibilities of launching initiatives in Singapore, USA, Muscat, Belgium. If anybody has contacts in these places, you can always connect them to me. Also, we will be reviving Hongkong chapter soon.

We shall be having inter chapter activities and business exchange programs and thereby enhance business collaborations. One of the major event of JIW would be JITO World Economic Forum wherein there will be a footfall of 5000 plus members.

Our main purpose of all these activities is to create new opportunities and promote business & trades for all Indian and Overseas JITO members which is aligned with JITO's mission of economic empowerment.

I along with my Director-in-Charge Shri Prakash B.Jain and rest of the team members would like to thank you once again and seek your kind support for ensuring the growth of JITO International wing by leaps and bounds.

We are always available to suggestions. You can write to me at

Thank You

Gautam S Ostwal

Chairman JITO International Wing