Shri Shantilal Kawar

Shri Shantilal Kawar

President – JITO Apex

Dear JITO family members,

 It is said that the “Light of Unity is so powerful that it can illuminate the whole Earth”. Individually we are drops but together we are an ocean. In its traverse of 10 years JITO is the most admired community origination.

  JITO has augmented its Chapters across the globe with a swell in membership, presently more than 8000 and has a corpus of more than 180 crore, which has only been possible because of increasing acceptance of JITO’s philosophy in the community. Today more than 25,000 families are connected with JITO.

    Established in 2007, With a Vision to become a World Class organization, to achieve higher economic prosperity and to take care of the underprivileged, JITO today with active participation of 65 National and 8 International Chapters and counting every day, has made it possible through its Projects and activities. 

Lots of new activities and projects have been taken up in addition to augmenting the existing projects. Many new initiatives have been taken on administrative and developmental fronts. Today, JITO more than an origination, is a “Hope” for all community members. We have achieved new heights on all fronts. Our project JBN which is a new age initiative of JITO provides networking to community members locally, nationally and globally for business development adding to our motto of Economic Empowerment. Our Incubation Centre, a catalyst tool for economic development has opened a new world of entrepreneurial opportunities for community members.

    We, at JITO, strongly believe in Learn, Earn and Return. Our Hostel and Coaching facilities at Kota and Kolkata under JEMP remarkably handhold the budding talents, while JATF continues to set new records of success in preparing Bureaucrats. JAIN Global Card, first ever digital card which will connect every single Jain on Planet Earth is all set to provide every minute information on Jain culture preserving our age old heritage. Launch of National Youth and Ladies Wing given new horizons for the youth and ladies of the community while JITO Games continues to involve the youth and offer solid launching platform. Shraman Arogyam creating strong footprints in Vaiyavachh of our pujya sadhu Sadhvi bhagwants and keep their blessings showered upon us.

Overall, JITO continues to lead from the front and making every possible move to ensure that the JAIN community becomes the world’s Best community.

Friends, this has become possible only because of your trust and faith in the movement called JITO. Let’s carry on this legacy for our future generations. I earnestly appeal every community Member to contribute their best to the society through JITO.