Shri Satish Parakh

Shri Satish Parakh

Secretary General – JITO Apex

JITO has grown leaps and bounds more in last 10 years and has travelled a long distance. In last 2 years, Membership has grown more than double. Participation of members have increased manifolds. We are getting overwhelming response all over. We really feel empowered the way Project Committees are working and excellent Secretariat team in place. We have the responsibility to take the brand JITO into next orbit in coming years.

Our focus now is to build a sustainable organisation. With sustainability, we need to address our objectives in minimal time. JITO should put itself in continuous improvement mode. Every team has to play it’s role as per time and for this, we have prepared the roadmap, did brainstorming session at Vision 2020 and now it’s time for implementation.

we will definitely achieve our goal, once the system & process are set up and implemented at Chapter & Zone level we will start seeing results. Our dream is very big and need to make the system strong alongwith technology in every process, efficiency in everything we do, in every act, every program should come result in value addition.

Zone should get active and take the responsibility of Chapters. Zone team should have a Zone Office and staff to assist them.

The most important challenge being faced is accountability. And to bring accountability into system, today’s main objective is to put performance management in place, to put standard manual in place, to develop a link between Apex, Zones, Chapters and to reach to the units. Alongwith accountability and performance management, we will encourage all the performance with awards. The role of Apex is to put new structure in place and motivate all stakeholders to work towards fulfilling JITO objectives.