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First and foremost, I would like to convey my personal thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to once again SERVE the COMMUNITY.

In the last few years, JITO has achieved huge success, both at domestic as well as international levels. I really appreciate the efforts that the earlier team put in; specially the Chairman - Shri Tejrajji Gulecha and the President - Shri Rakeshhji Mehta. I thank them for their unrelenting efforts in taking JITO to a different level altogether. I would like to call them as combination of a Machine and a Missile for their Vision, Strategy and its effective Execution. JITO under them has grown by leaps and bounds. JITO is very blessed for having many persons like them at all the levels.

I am indeed happy to have with me Shri Shantilalji Kawar as the President, whose past contribution in JITO is immense and I am sure we, as a team, will be successful in steering forward the JITO activities and its achievements to greater levels.

The most important objective at JITO is to be the most powerful community in the world in all three fields i.e ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION and SOCIAL WELFARE. You will agree with me that, one cannot build future on the past glory and hence it becomes extremely important to decide the future course of action by learning from the past and also planning for the future. In the next few weeks we would like to have a brain-storming session for defining next level of activities to be undertaken by JITO and the strategies for implementing the same. Not only it is important to plan for what we are going to do but also equally important is what we should not. Focus brings its own rewards.

For our exciting future, I would like each one of you to envisage the exact kind of Vision and Goals you have in mind for JITO in the field of ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION and SOCIAL WELFARE. Please also mention what activities we should not do in JITO. And kindly send me your thoughts as soon as possible so that we can incorporate them into our vision document. You may please write it to me directly at mo@motilaloswal.com

Excitingly awaiting your responses.


Motilal Oswal


I thank the entire JITO fraternity for the faith and trust placed in me and for allowing me the honour of serving my community through JITO.I am truly humbled.

I appreciate the efforts of the preceding office bearers specially the Chairman - Shri Tejrajji Gulecha and the President - Shri Rakeshhji Mehta for their relentless efforts in taking JITO to greater heights. Their commendable efforts have set a very high bench mark for others to follow.

I am indeed happy to have an able ally in Shri Motilal ji Oswal as the Chairman, whose past contribution in JITO is well appreciated, we, as a team, will ensure that with our efforts and your cooperation JITO will achieve new peaks.

“Rome was not built in a day”, certainly not! but then it was only built because some people had a vision and others had faith in their vision. We certainly have the vision of making JITO an intelligent, autonomous and constitutional organisation with a self-driven model for eternal existence propelled by the common vision of economic empowerment, educational accomplishments and social upliftment.

JITO has a lot of intellectual appeal due to its vision and so far we have succeeded in bringing the intellectual community together but if a tree has to grow stronger its roots have to run deeper. A mass movement can only succeed with mass participation We must now reach out to the masses in our community , involve them in the movement and ensure that all Jains irrespective of their economic, intellectual or regional reach are the beneficiaries of this revolution and vice versa.

In the next few weeks we would like to have a brain-storming session for defining next level of activities to be undertaken by JITO and the strategies for implementing the same. I invite all my Jain brethren to come, join, participate and rejoice in its success. We would work in unanimity with all the chapters and members and achieve unprecedented results with your support and participation.

The joy of having contributed in a social cause, in whatever way, is far greater than anything else in this world. I invite you to partake in making this movement epic and leave behind a legacy for our future generations to cherish. If you wish to participate in any specific projects of JITO or share any innovative ideas please contact me at president@jito.org


Shantilal Kawar

CEO Diary

Friends, JITO off late has come of age and its ready to scale greater heights now. It has migrated from a traditional approach to a more professional management. In fact, now, a more pulsating & dynamic JITO is emerging.

JITO Connect which has been the most, ambitious and the biggest show of JITO, will certainly open up new avenues, not only for its members but also for the organisation and we are sure that we will create stronger footprints in the days to come.

It’s going to be solid platform for us not only to augment our strength but roll out stronger projects, better projects for each & everyone in the society and which will benefit upto the grass root level.

Friends, as we say,JITO is not a destination, its a journey, its a movement.

Please, come, join and lets march Together…… Towards Tomorrow.


Lalit Jain



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