• From where can I "Express Interest" in a profile? Through "Send Message" you can express interest in a profile in your own words.
  • I can't find "Express Interest" button? Express Interest button has been replaced by send message button. Through send message, you can initiate conversation with your match in your own words for FREE.
  • Is sending a message free? Yes sending messages has been made free on
  • How will I know that my message has been sent to the member? After sending a message you will see confirmation regarding same in pop up.
  • Where can I see my sent messages? In "Message Centre" under "Sent" tab you can see all your sent messages.
  • Are there any specific DOs and DON'Ts while sending messages? Tips to keep your message simple yet impactful:
    1. Know your match before contacting, go through his/her profile, you might find something interesting to add to your message that leaves an impact.
    2. Don't forget to greet, begin your message with a hello & be polite.
    3. Avoid sending the same message everytime, personalize your message while contacting new match everytime instead of sending a standard message to all.
    4. Sound sincere, and throw an impression that you really mean to find your life partner through the message & mean no non-sense.
    5. Avoid saying too much the first time, since it is a message, so write important stuff only rather than endlessly talking about yourself.
    6. Avoid Chat room slangs, like ur instead of your, maself for myself. Such a language in your message doesn't leave a good impression because even parents read your message. Also, spell check your message & ensure proper English with correct grammar.
    7. Don't send junk messages, and flood people's inbox with unnecessary messages. You might get blocked.
    8. End on a request for response, don't just say your thing & leave a hint for your match that you would like hear back from them whether positive response or not.