8 Things to Consider While Selecting Life Partner in Arranged Marriage


Talking about the present scenario, it really looks like our ultra-modern and progressive generation would hardly ever get to know what actual love is. Today’s generation is simply dwelling between break-ups and patch-ups and they are quite far away from the idea of arrange marriage and being a “one woman” man or “one man” woman. But still hope there would be some people of our breed believing in traditions and culture. Usually there are two types of marriage in our society, first is love marriage in which both individuals fall in love and get married on the basis of that love and nothing else matters much and the second is arrange marriage in which two individuals get serious about getting married even before selecting their partners. Love marriage needs no effort for both individuals because they already know each other from a quite long time but arrange marriage take loads of efforts for both individuals as their partners are complete strangers to them. So for those who prefer arrange marriage, here are few things, you need to consider while selecting your life partners.

1. Meet your partner personally

Usually arrange marriage becomes a serious business for bride’s and groom’s parents. Most of the work, plannings and enquiries are done by your parents and you just sit on a couch with pinky blush on your cheeks with your cousins nodding and smiling, but let me tell you, you’re seriously ruining your life if you’re doing so. Even if it’s arrange marriage, take a stand for your choices and consent and go ahead to meet your would be partner personally to know him better which would actually help you to blend with him, his likes, dislikes, interests and even family.

2. Consider personality over looks

8 out of 10 people’s first preference while choosing a life partner in arranged marriage is “looks”. Most of the people want their life partners to be good looking which is totally acceptable. But getting a life partner exactly how you want is uncertain. It’s wise to be logistic and rate your partner on the scale of personality not the looks which is the most important thing to consider while selecting life partner in arrange marriage, because there are very less chances for you to get married to a guy looking like Tom Cruise. If your life partner is dressed well, has some dress sense and can perfectly carry herself/himself well with whatever natural looks she/he is gifted with, then trust me you can go for it.

3. be realistic not imaginative

This one is the real game changer! You become way too imaginative when it comes to choosing your life partner. Boys tend to imagine Jennifer Lopez figure, Angeline Jolie’s sculpted face for their partner’s physical appearance and girls tend to imagine their royal life with their prince charming who talks sweet like marshmallows, dances like a prince in a ball and bla bla. Well, let’s become honest nothing like this is going to happen with you guys especially when it’s arrange marriage. So, start being realistic not imaginative, this mantra is going to help you a lot. A decent guy, with average looks, with a pretty good package is kind of enough for you to stay with him forever. A girl who looks average beautiful to make love, knows how to cook to feed your fat hungry stomach and qualified enough to earn if necessary is what I’m talking about being realistic.


4. Consider qualification over salary

Imagine Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google for an instance. His wife knew him way before than he earned to become millionaire, which means she chose him for his impressive qualification not salary which he started at the age of 37. So, you never know a guy could become a millionaire later if he has got a very impressive qualification. So, choosing salary over personality would be a worst mistake and if you get to marry a bachelor version of Sundar Pichai, then you might be lucky enough to get both.


5. Know about his/her family values

One of the most important things to consider while selecting life partner in arrange marriage would be getting to know enough about your partner’s family values. Your partner’s family traditions, culture, rituals, lifestyle are very important when it comes to arrange marriage because in love marriage you have got no option. If you’re a girl you have to blend in your partner’s family and their lifestyle so it should be easier for you not mandatory. If you think their traditions and culture are way too different from yours you might back out or with mutual understanding could appeal for adjustment from both ends.

6. Check your compatibility with each other

The most crucial factor to keep in mind in arranged marriage is checking both individuals compatibility. To be compatible with each other you need to know your partner’s opinions and views about any subject, there should be some similarities in both of your opinions however getting 10/10 is impossible. If your partner scores 6/10, it’s more than enough trust me. Give a thumbs up!


7. Keep your expectations low

Yeah right, keep your damn soaring expectations low! Do not expect your partner would bring you flowers on your first official meeting. Neither he is going to look like Chris Evans nor is he going to be a millionaire who would gift you a sparkling diamond necklace on your birthday after your marriage of course! Well, when you start weaving a wreath of expectations in your head and get to see the exact opposite or little lower than that you lose hope and get morally disappointed. So, it is wise to keep your expectations about your future partner characteristics low.


8. Research about his/her family standard and background

Last but not the least, your partner’s family background and standard is another important thing to consider while selecting life partner in arranged marriage. Frankly speaking, if you’re okay with your partner’s looks, qualification, family values and all other criteria and ready to tie the knot, well go slow. You should never skip researching about your life partner’s family background and standard because looks and qualification aren’t enough. Are they socially famous in a good way? Do they have simple living and high thinking thoughts? Are they liberal when it comes to their daughters and daughter-in-law? All these things needs to be researched before getting married especially arrange marriage.