JITO Business Network (JBN)


Economic Empowerment of our community by creating a global business networking platform, with gender neutral approach, through business mentoring and creation of multiple channels for Business development in a trustworthy environment.

Why JBN?

Connect to National and International potential customer base Promote smaller businesses, thus uniting the entire community Continuous business opportunities Important tool for digital marketing Influential referral networking Maximize your brand identity Visibility in JBN events and social media platforms Launch pad for start-ups Connecting 10,000+ businesses and professionals globally Women Economic Empowerment

JBN Initiatives:

JBN Corporate Film

Our Sponsors

Title Sponsor - Nahar group

Gold Sponsor - 1) EPACK  2) Pigeon


JBN Contact Us

Email: jbn@jito.org

Contact: 022-42877719/21

Project Committeee (2018-20)



Manakchand Rathod
Founder and Past Chairman of JBN missing in the frames of JBN app launch video.
619 days ago
Shrenik Mehta
On viewing the video yesterday , I was wondering why Manak ji is not in ANY FRAME of JBN APP LAUNCH ..... Having Being the Fire Piston FOR Creation of JBN ---> into APEX Project
615 days ago
Shri Akhil  Jain
Enable JBN on Website Platform as well, than just app
322 days ago
Sidhesh Jain
We are working on the Web platform as well. We will keep you posted.
318 days ago
there are no section for job seekers and resume finder. JITO have to add a cell or section so that job seeker can post their resume and resume finder can search the resume. it will be better for our community. we can appoint our jain person in our firms.
24 days ago