JITO Business Network (JBN)


JITO Business Network (JBN) is a step towards economic empowerment and promoting entrepreneurship, by facilitating trade and business through referral networking and digitalized platform.

Creating strong footprints in digital era is central to the goals set by JITO visionaries and we, at JBN are committed to it.

Why JBN?

Connect to National and International potential customer base Promote smaller businesses, thus uniting the entire community Continuous business opportunities Important tool for digital marketing Influential referral networking Maximize your brand identity Visibility in JBN events and social media platforms Launch pad for start-ups Connecting 10,000+ businesses and professionals globally Women Economic Empowerment

JBN Initiatives:

JBN Mobile App :

 Launching of JBN Mobile app was the first step by JITO in "Digital Space", thus empowering its members digitally and economically. It will serve JITO's core objective of enabling trade/ business between the members.

JBN Launch Events

Anavaran - JBN App Launch Event - 17th June : 200+ guests

Malegaon - 14th July: 250+ guests

Nashik - 14th July: 50+ guests

Udaipur - 15th July : 200+ guests

Delhi - 15th July - 700+ guests

Chennai - 06th August - 200+ guests

JBN Committee 2016-18

No. Name of Person Designation Chapter/City Mobile Emaild
1 Shri Vijay K. Jirawla Director in-charge Juhu, Mumbai 9820840440 vijaykjirawla@yahoo.co.in
2 Shri Milind Shah Chairman Nashik 9822033666 milind.shah55@gmail.com
3 Shri Ashok Kothari Co-Chairman Udaipur 9829041382 ashok.akkothari@gmail.com
4 Shri Amit V Dhulla Member Ghatkopar, Mumbai 9930922366 avd@rayvisiontech.com
5 Shri Amit Khimraj Jain Member Ahmedabad 9825006100 akjain@avocab.com
6 Mrs Ankita A. Parakh Member Nashik 8378967000 ankitaparakh7@gmail.com
7 Shri Ajay Jain Member Juhu, Mumbai 9867026663 jainajay1@gmail.com
8 Shri Basesh Gala Member Gowalia Tank 9987478450 basesh.gala@39solutions.com
9 Shri Goutam Jain Member New Delhi 9810162825 goutam@sanson.in
10 Shri Hemat Jain Member Delhi 9818098007 hj@kljindia.com
11 Shri Himmath H Jain Member Bangalore 9980207077 himmathjain@gmail.com
12 Shri Hitesh Golechha Member Mumbai 9867293911 hiteshgolechha@yahoo.com
13 Shri Nimish Tolia Member Chennai 9841011121 nimish.tolia@gmail.com
14 Shri Niranjan Shah Member Nashik 9822023144 subhadraestates@gmail.com
15 Shri Rajesh Jain Member Indore 9425322301 rajeshjain1962@yahoo.com
16 Shri Rajesh B. Vardhan Member Gowalia Tank, Mumbai 9820154487 rajesh@vardhmandevelopers.com
17 Shri Sanjay Jain Member Kolkata 9831007550 sjain@ttlimited.co.in
18 Shri Sunil Raisoni Member Pune 9822261882 sunil.raisoni@ashokabuildcon.com
19 Shri Vimal Ranka Member Jaipur 9414203340 ransonlifestyle@yahoo.com

JBN Contact Us

Email: jbn@jito.org

Contact: 022-42877749


Manakchand Rathod
Founder and Past Chairman of JBN missing in the frames of JBN app launch video.
138 days ago
Shrenik Mehta
On viewing the video yesterday , I was wondering why Manak ji is not in ANY FRAME of JBN APP LAUNCH ..... Having Being the Fire Piston FOR Creation of JBN ---> into APEX Project
134 days ago