JIYO- Empowering Youths


Changes are part and parcel of life. Today’s world changes are drastic and revolutions are rapidly happening. To Adapt the changes is a real challenge in today’s scenario. JITO identified such challenges and took the preventive action as well. As a part of such activity JITO has created a platform to the young generation who is the future of the society. JITO formed JITO Youth Wing. Objective of this Youth wing to provide platform to meet, understand and learn from successful personalities of the society. The second objective is to create network and harmonic synergy by getting together. Third objective to provide the world class training program and knowledge centre to develop leadership skill, Behavior skill, Soft Skills, Profession specific skills etc. Last objective is to take social initiative and contribute to the well being of the society.

The philosophy of the youth's wing is; first I will grow myself; we will help each other to achieve our goals; I will behave with others the way I would want them to behave with me; I will take actions to make Indian and the world a better place to live in. JITO, with a vision to empower youth, have identified few from Youth wing to represent rest 700 youth members. Responsibility of this team is to take and manage meetings with other youth members, interact with them, take initiative to achieve defined objectives of JITO and enjoy the activities focused on Team work, creativity and developing the skill set.

Youth wing will conduct the activity such as Training programs, Entertaining acts, sport event, Industrial visit, Outings, professional networking and many more.

All human beings are miserable because of their own ignorance, and they themselves can be happy by acquiring proper knowledge - Bhagwan Mahavir.


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