a Trust has been formed and registered under the name of "Shraman Arogyam" with an object to provide Medical Care called "Vaiyavachch" to All Shraman Bhagwants, irrespective of sects resulting in Medical relief from various disease, ill health and other health related problems.

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Shraman Arogyam

Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) has taken an initiative and started a project known as “Shraman Arogyam” (Under a separate trust), wherein all Sadhu and Sadhvi Bhagwants, irrespective of their sects are provided medical care.

 Sadhus & Sadhvis Bhagwant are treated next to GOD in our community.

 They are the Messengers of God who are spreading the divine knowledge of Jainism




Managing Committee of Shraman Arogyam Trust

Name of Member Designation Chapter/City
Shri Ganpatraj L. Chowdhary Chairman Ahmedabad
Shri Joitkumar B. Bhansali (Jain) Vice Chairman Gowalia Tank, Mumbai
Shri Abhaykumar S. Srisrimal Vice Chairman Chennai
Shri Shripal Raj Lodha Vice Chairman Jodhpur
Shri Himanshu Shah Vice Chairman Ahmedabad
Shri Ghewarchand Sanghvi Chief Secretary Juhu, Mumbai
Shri Rameshkumar Haran Secretary Bangalore
Shri Dilip C. Chandan Secretary Walkeshwar, Mumbai
Shri Uttam K. Jain Treasurer Goregaon, Mumbai
Shri Pradeep G. Rathod Trustee Goregaon, Mumbai
Shri J.B. Jain Trustee Juhu, Mumbai
Shri Sanjay Kothari Trustee Ahmedabad
Shri Ghanshyam Modi Trustee Juhu, Mumbai



Why Sharrman Arogyam?

The Treatment

No. Building or Restriction


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