JITO Center For Excellence

JITO launches its biggest project CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE, a Unified Learning and Skill Development project of JITO with a focus to up-skill Jain individuals across the pyramid.

JITO Center for Excellence will work towards

  • Skill development & learning aimed at enhancing personal growth / business growth across entire strata of the Jain Community
  • Curating & facilitating customized world-class Executive Education programs and need based skill development programs in collaboration with Top B-Schools at affordable prices and at easily accessible centers to our members.
  • Offering something for every member of the Jain Society. From a person struggling for Job enhancement, to a home maker trying to establish a home-based business, to entrepreneurs desirous of scaling up their businesses.

Need for Institutionalizing Learning under JITO Center For Excellence

  • Changing Business Dynamics and Business models every two years
  • Business closures, Revenue fall, Emotional & Mental drain-out due to highly volatile global markets subjected to effects of pandemics.
  • Networking is ineffective in the absence of appropriate skills and exposure to executive education.
  • Less evolved learning culture in community.
  • Lack of accessibility to qualitative & affordable educational initiatives
  • Business Skill development enabling Economic empowerment across all pop strata.
  • To equip entrepreneurs, professionals and people at all walks of life with skills enough to tackle the fast changing dynamics of our economic eco system with agility and optimal impact.

Vision of CFE:-

To create insightful future leaders who will add unflinching value to community and nation. Empower skills of Bottom of the Pyramid and enable their economic empowerment.

Mission of CFE:-

An unrelenting commitment to provide immersive world-class learning experience to entrepreneurs to leap-frog the challenges posed by perennially changing business environment world over.

Objective of CFE:-

  • To institutionalize the core objectives of JITO – Seva, Shikhsha, Economic empowerment
  • Decentralize and localize learning experience for entire Jain community.
  • Focused and custom learning programs.
  • Reach masses for Business Skill Development
  • Making Qualitative Education affordable and accessible.
  • Develop inclusiveness and reduce disparity amidst fraternity. Create a trusted and safe place for Women and Youth to participate.

The Game Changer = CFE Centers at all Chapters

We envision for the community to institutionalize learning by establishing a 100 Seater Business Workshop / Training hall at/near each JITO Chapter. Thus encouraging participation and access to education from best of trainers & academicians, industry stalwarts from across the globe at affordable cost. This will give tangible delivery of core purpose of JITO and also will create a culture of learning which is missing in our community to some extent.

We being a conservative society and not having easy access to learning, this will create a confined, safe center for learning where learning & networking will go hand in hand.

JITO Center For Excellence as a catalyst of growth for JITO

  1. How organization will benefit?
  2. Capitalizing on the Old concept of ‘Paidi’ and creating Learning centers across chapters.
  3. The above will increase engagement in T2, T3, T4 cities and enable further integration of Jain community with JITO.
  4. With time and learning, institution develops in a very small period by continuous engagement at practically at no cost.
  5. CFE Centers = motivated chapters = fulfillment of commitment towards members = growth of organization.

  6. How will chapter benefit?
  7. The JITO CFE centers can act as JITO offices and help channelize all Apex activities.
  8. Automatic vehicle independent of engagement by Chapter Chairman or team.
  9. Chapters will save time in designing of Business Skill Development& Executive Education programs and avail affordable qualitative education
  10. It keep Non-members together and increase attraction to a purposeful membership.
  11. If there is already a center or JITO office, we only have to call the faculty members, practitioners to deliver the course and this is how it is going to directly or indirectly create an aura of a large purposeful organization thus by creating interaction, motivating people to connect to the organization and JITO. Eg. Pune, Bangalore, Nashik Business Bay
  12. Everybody Get Connected in the chapter, so the chapter automatically becomes active
  13. Because it will lead the example, sponsorship will also be generated which will make this project self-sustainable

JITO Center For Excellence as a heart to all projects of JITO

  1. JPF: To bring in domain expertise practitioners & trainers. This will lead professionals connect to members and vice versa, instill a feeling of gratitude and get appreciation. There will be an organic integration of professionals and entrepreneurs.
  2. JBN: Will get a meeting point here to galvanize networking
  3. JITO JOBS: A lot of business skill development activities will be developed keeping in mind the employment requirement of the community.
  4. JIIF: Create entrepreneurs & enhance entrepreneurial skills.
  5. JYW & JLW: Core Focus Area.



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Nice Initiative
625 days ago


We used to conduct paper surveys to collect data in rural areas with limited internet connectivity. Thanks to QuestionPro's offline mobile app, collecting offline data is a piece of cake now, especially when you don't have to deal with paperwork anymore..