JITO Youth Wing


  • To connect more and more young Jains and bring them to mainstream to take the advantage of power of youth.
  • National body is being formed.
  • First National Convention of youth wing is being organized is Bangalore on 22nd-23rd September, 2017.
  • Presently, JITO Youth wing are in 26 chapters.


JITO Youth Wing Committee ( 2016-18)

No. Name of Person Designation Chapter/City Emaild
1 Shri Anil Jain Director in-charge Chennai aniljain@refex.co.in
2 Shri Ramesh Dugar Director in-charge Chennai ramesh@dugar.in
3 Shri Sanjay M. Dhariwal Chairman Bangalore sanjay@dnsconsulting.net
4 Shri Yogesh A. Jain Co-Chairman Surat Surat yogesh_ajain@yahoo.co.in
5 Shri Sunil Lodha Member Bangalore s9844111420@gmail.com
6 Shri Vikcy Oswal Member Mumbai-Gowalia Tank info@oswalrealty.com
7 Shri Mahaveer Chaplot Member Udaipur mchaplot@gmail.com
8 Shri Deepak Bohra Member Mysore deepakprints@yahoo.com
9 Shri Rajesh Mehta Member Bangalore rajesh@mehtarajesh.in
10 Smt. Ankita Parakh Member Nashik ankitaparakh7@gmail.com


Gaurhav Jaiin
hyderabad is also striving to have a youth wing. please guide.
293 days ago