Pradeep Rathod

Chairman - JITO Apex

At the foremost I would like to thank all respected seniors, my colleagues, friends and members of JITO family for having their faith and entrusting me with the responsibility of the Chairmanship of JITO.

JITO over the years has progressed extensively and diversified in expanding its focus in various streams of trade, education, social responsibility etc. under the able leadership of various past office bearers. I would like to thank each such member who has participated in the growth and development of JITO enabling the self-development of our fellow Jain’s.

As it is said “You have to be the change you want to see”. That change starts when you decide to see more than just yourself. Our goal as a collective society and organisation should be to reach majority of our community members and pull them up on the platform of success. This will enable more Economic Empowerment and Social Welfare of the organisation and in large the society.

In the next 2 years our focus will majorly be on empowerment in the field of Business and Higher Education.

I along with our Vice Chairman, Shri. Sukhrajji Nahar, our President, Shri. Ganpatji Choudhary and rest of the team members would like to thank you again and seek your kind support to walk the path of success and growth for JITO and open many roads towards diversification of this organisation ensuring the growth by leaps and bounds.

We are always available to suggestions from fellow members in building the future of the organisation.

Thank you.

Pradeep Rathod

Chairman – JITO Apex