Shri Anil Jain

Secretary General – JITO Apex

An opportunity to serve the community cannot be better than a JITO Platform; I thank all the Members and the President for having Faith in me and Trust my capability to take up the Job of General Secretary of JITO Apex for the year 2018-2020. I also thank members of Chennai Chapter to have given me the Opportunity to represent them on the Board of JITO Apex.

I assure you that JITO will be my first priority for the next 2 years. I will take the cue from my predecessors and work on making JITO a Global Organisation.

My focus will be more on improving the systems in the organization and to make sure that all Chapters and Apex are in sync with each other’s Vision, Mission and Goals. We will standardize all operations and systems to ensure JITO is system driven and also people friendly. As a part of standardization, we will implement an induction process for Chapter Chairmen and Secretaries to understand JITO and its projects in detail and ensure that every member gets benefit out of the programmes we conduct.

This year, another task for me will be ensure that Brand JITO be recognized globally, to begin with we will start with a New logo.

Zones and Zonal committees will have more responsibilities and Powers to ensure they become more active and grow to a mini Apex level to work on our projects. Zonal Chairmen will be given additional staffs to carry out the duties more sincerely.

At Apex, we are hiring more people at senior levels to create a strong Administration centre. We will be having a clear KRA and KPI for every staff and lay down SOP for all operations of the Apex Office.

In all I will strive to make this organisation a World Class Corporate and we should feature in Best Places to Work soon.

Anil Jain

Secretary General


Suneel Mardia
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